Teen Journaling Can Build Teacher-Student Connection

Journaling clarifies a teen's thoughts and feelings

Ever ask a middle or high school teacher if he/she has had their students journal for a week, a month or longer? You are likely to hear how it improved student-teacher connection, classroom rapport, and a teacher’s appreciation of his/her Continue reading

Separation Anxiety Disorder – More than Just First Day Fears

Separation Anxiety Disorder

My daughter will turn 1 next month and is currently experiencing a terrible bout of separation anxiety. It’s a stressful phase for all of us, and one made worse by her blood curdling screams, but a phase nonetheless. Like all Continue reading

Middle School – An Important Time To Teach Empathy and Compassion

Help preteens identify and express feelings

  The middle school years are an important time to teach empathy, and compassion. Pre-teens have the full range of feelings while still willing to acknowledge and communicate about them. How We Learn to Hide, Deny And Suppress Feelings This Continue reading

The School Counselor as a Collaborative Leader


  School counselors will wear many professional hats throughout each school year.  A very important role is engendering collaboration between a child’s parents/guardians and the staff of the school.  Creating a collaborative environment is vital to building student success within Continue reading

Standardized Testing: Twelve Steps Toward Student Success

   “Welcome to a great school year … Let us make this school year the best ever,” all proclaim! With the advent of a new school year come myriad challenges to academic success. One such challenge, standardized testing, has the Continue reading

It’s School Counselor, Thank You : Moving Away From Guidance Counselor


      What’s in a name?  It may seem that using the titles school counselor and guidance counselor interchangeably has little influence on one’s professional abilities.  After all, they really are the same thing….right?  The problem with this philosophy Continue reading