New Study Links Video Games to Increased Impulsivity, Decreased Attention

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Many studies that surround childhood behavioral problems and issues like Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) focus on biology and genetics. Many parents, educators and other experts expect that the problems that stem from such disorders, such as impulse control, begin and Continue reading

New Study: Parental Training + Medication = Optimal Autism Behavioral Treatment

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A new study released in February’s issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has found that the most effective way to treat autism-related behavioral problems is a combination of medication and parental training rather Continue reading

ChildsWork News, Feb. 24, 2012: Spotlight on Minorities with Autism and the Importance of Good Penmanship

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We will end this week’s news with two really interesting reports about some old topics. The first, from Medical News Today, reports that certain minority children with autism may experience even more severe delays in language and gross motor skills. Continue reading

More Details about Early Autism Detection Suggest that the Diagnosis Develops over Time

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A while ago, I wrote about research being conducted at the University of London in regards to early autism diagnosis. The report that its researchers published in January’s edition of Current Biology is one of the first to examine the Continue reading

ChildsWork News, Feb. 17, 2012: Revisiting Childhood Obesity and the New Autism Diagnosis


As we head into the weekend, I wanted to take some time to revisit a couple of important topics we’ve discussed before. First, on the heels of my report earlier this week about the new requirements for BMI screenings in Continue reading