10 Blogs that inspire me

As a blogger for quite some time now, I have sorta gravitated to certain types of bloggers. I tend to follow the bloggers that I can relate to. They aren’t always special needs bloggers but they’re real. By real I mean that they are honest, if if their opinions are popular. They are writing about things that I personally feel are very relevant to my life.

The stories, posts or articles found in these blogs aren’t always uplifting but they are inspiring nonetheless.

I went ahead and rounded up 10 posts from some of the bloggers that I follow. Perhaps their writing isn’t your cup of tea. Either way, these posts are all amazing to me and I want to share them with you.

I encourage you to check them out and maybe, you’ll find something that inspires you. 😉

1) Everyone has their own heart song by Stuart Duncan of Autism from a father’s point of view

2) Special Needs Mom Confessions: Sometimes I’m so Tired by Katrina Moody of Kat’s Cafe

3) Would YOU Take the Time to Complete a Survey on How #Autism Has Affected Your Family? by Lorrie Servati of Nathan’s Voice

4) 10 Ways to Make your #Hospital Stay with Your Child More Bearable by Lizze Gorski of My Life Beyond Labels

5) Full-time Employment and Fatherhood by Dad Blunders of Dad Blunders: Life as I know it

6) I feel like I am missing a piece of myself by Carl Young of Why Not Fathers

7) Pokemon is destroying my confidence as a parent by jillsmo of Yeah. Good Times

8) To Friends by Jennifer Bush of Anybody want a Peanut

9) The summer I ran away (and what brought me home) by Caroline McGraw of A wish come clear

10) Hope in the darkness by Lexi Magnusson of Mostly True Stuff

Happy reading and I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments and let me know what you think.

About Rob Gorski

Rob Gorski started blogging in January 2010 as a means of sharing his family's real life journey raising 3 boys on the #Autism Spectrum. It's important for people to understand what Autism can really be like and the impact it has on the family. They aren't a TV show and there are no actors. Rob shares their struggle, their journey... and it's all true.

11 thoughts on “10 Blogs that inspire me

  1. Rob,
    I follow and appreciate your blog. I am a non-traditional student at the University of Northern Iowa and for my digital media class we were to start our own blogs. It would be great if you could check it out and give me some feedback.
    Thanks, Teresa

  2. Rob,

    I sincerely appreciate you placing me with such a great group! As a stay-at-home dad I just try to make the best of every moment. Ii know how quickly are children grow up and the benefits to a child that has a father that is involved in their life. As a former social worker I have seen far to many dads not want to take part in this great adventure.


  3. How did I miss this Rob? Thanks so much for including me in such a great list – the support and understanding we can give and receive from one another is amazing and such an important part of the special needs blogging community!

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