If your child was just diagnosed with autism

When your child is newly diagnosed with autism there are so many things going through your head. You wonder what to do first, who to go to and how you will manage an uncertain future.

I’ve asked some of my favorite autism parents and bloggers to share what they would say to newly diagnosed families. Their words of advice are full of hope and when you visit their blogs you will find parents who are living the journey through autism with strength and optimism for what the future holds.

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8 thoughts on “If your child was just diagnosed with autism

  1. Small steps done consistently provide the biggest results. Some days it is hard to keep with it and you just want to give in so there will be peace and quiet but don’t because one day it will all change and because you stayed firm things will be better.

  2. This was so simply done, and so effective. Plus, I didn’t realize I was going to end up in it. I am trying to share this on FB today, but my connection at work is all wonky. Anyhoo, well-done.

  3. Your child has Autism. And so do you. Remember that day when you gave directions to two people but accidentally called each of them the wrong name? You were confused. Probably giggled and said something like, “I’m sorry. I got that backwards. I don’t know where my mind is.” You just experienced one of many forms of Autism. Your child deals with that confusion 24/7. Does that scare you? Do you feel a little anxious? That’s how your child feels. So stop. Breathe in. Blow out. You have just began a journey of good days, bad days, horrible days, and priceless moments that will take your breath away. Sure there are therapists, diets, special teachers, doctors, and many more visits to come in the near future but you’ll make it. One day at a time. It’s okay. That anxiety you feel is actually your companion. It will push you and drive you to seek out everything your child needs. And it will remind you how important it is to SMILE at your child. If you can hug your child hug them. If you can only smile at them because they don’t want to be touched then smile. Your child has Autism and actually senses more about you through your body language than actual words. SMILE. It’s not going to solve all your problems but it will help you and your child. Remember Breathe In. Blow Out. One day at a time. Your child has Autism and so do you.

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