Autism and puberty

help with puberty

We will now discuss the topic that no one wants to discuss: Autism and puberty Long before my daughter’s hormones began to change I had thoroughly planted myself in denial. Not only would she begin puberty far, far into the Continue reading Autism and puberty

Dear Superintendent of Schools

thank a teacher

Dear Superintendent of Schools To:  The Superintendent of Schools Subject:  Mrs. __________’s Note Home CC:   Mrs. _____________, the School Principal, the Director of ESE, school district administration, all School Board Members BCC:  Flappiness Is, Facebook, Twitter, the Internet Dear Superintendent: Continue reading Dear Superintendent of Schools

Making Back to School Sensory Friendly


One of the things almost everyone has to do when the new school year comes around is back to school clothes shopping. For many families, it’s not that big of a deal. However,  what if you are a special needs Continue reading Making Back to School Sensory Friendly