Lack Of Consistency After Divorce Leads Some Teens To Alcohol, Marijuana Use


In September, I was intrigued during a workshop with teens to hear that a lack of consistency after parental divorce had led a number of teens and their peers to start using pot and to start drinking. I conducted this Continue reading

Middle School – An Important Time To Teach Empathy and Compassion

Help preteens identify and express feelings

  The middle school years are an important time to teach empathy, and compassion. Pre-teens have the full range of feelings while still willing to acknowledge and communicate about them. How We Learn to Hide, Deny And Suppress Feelings This Continue reading

The School Counselor as a Collaborative Leader


  School counselors will wear many professional hats throughout each school year.  A very important role is engendering collaboration between a child’s parents/guardians and the staff of the school.  Creating a collaborative environment is vital to building student success within Continue reading

Creating Data Beyond Standardized Testing Results

Standardized Testing

Today’s educators are regularly reminded of the need for data to justify their professional role in society.  Many of us cringe as we hear people who have never spent a day in the classroom, repeat the battle cry for more Continue reading